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Brand Guidelines

As a condition to using the iLINK brand resources ("iLINK Brand Resources"), you agree to all the guidelines and instructions below ("Guidelines").


These Guidelines, among other things, clarify the ways you can and cannot use the iLINK Brand Resources for marketing and other purposes. These Guidelines also contain some legal disclosures relevant to your use of the iLINK Brand Resources and a general set of questions and answers that address common inquiries and concerns.


Don't combine the iLINK name or logos, or any portion of any of them, with any other logo, company name, mark, or generic terms. Please don't edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolour the logo

Please request for high resolution logos at 

iLINK logo

Use simple logo on white backgrounds

iLINK logo

Use simple logo on white backgrounds

Cowbee Icon

Use simple white logo on red backgrounds

iLINK logo

Use monotone logo on black backgrounds

iLINK logo

Use monotone logo on red backgrounds only

iLINK App Icon

Use this only when referencing

the iOS version of iLINK

iLINK logo

Use colored logo on grey backgrounds

iLINK logo

Use B&W logo on black and white prints only

Cowbee Icon and Slogan

Use white on red background when using both slogan and logo


iLINK incorporates red, white and other colours throughout the app. Please use the following colours accordingly.


Pantone: 5c, CMYK: C59% M71% Y61% K61%, RGB: 3E2B2E


Pantone: 30% of 5c, CMYK: 30% of (C59% M71% Y61% K61%), RGB: 30% of 3E2B2E


Pantone: 192c, CMYK: C4% M100% Y69% K0%, RGB: E40046


Never modify or abbreviate the name "iLINK". The alphabets "LINK" in iLINK is always capitalised. Keep "iLINK" as a single word.

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