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Community Guidelines


We always strive towards providing you with a trusted platform where locals work together to shape a lively, cohesive and 

peaceful communities.


A set of Community Guidelines describing the behaviors that are allowed and disallowed on the iLINK platform is to ensure all 

users feel safe and respected always. Kindly note that any violation of the Guidelines will lead to serious consequences, which 

includes content removal, posting privileges suspension, or even a permanent ban from iLINK. 


There may be certain things that you may not agree with. That however, will not go against our Community Guidelines. We 

encourage all users to inform us when contents of any sorts violate these guidelines.


The core foundation is to build a private social network for local communities that allow other locals with shared passions and values to connect, with geniality, respect and the thought of helping in mind. In the iLINK community, we encourage users be passionately helpful and never hateful. When there are negative conversations and inputs, the community suffers. Any posts and comments that might hold any form of discrimination, personal attack, shame, insult, bully or belittle other iLINK users may be removed. Personal disputes will not be condoned and will be removed as well. Political campaigning, and personal views on controversial, non-local issues will inevitably distract one’s community in the wrong way. We rely on our users to report those who are over-posting, campaigning, spam posting, or ranting about controversial, non-local issues. Most importantly, we hope you will keep all content and activity family-friendly, legal, and adhere to our rules on regulated goods and services.


The essence of our Guidelines comes down to one simple affirmation: Be PASSIONATELY LOCAL. Be compassionate. Be respectful. 


We encourage users to share their experiences and raise awareness about issues that are important to them. This means that you will encounter controversial opinions or views, which may lead to insightful conversations on various topics. To maintain the safety and interests of a diverse community, we encourage users to engage in constructive discussions with the aim of building a close-knit local community. In order to achieve that, we ask that community members do not: attack, berate, bully, belittle, insult, harass, threaten, troll, or use swear words at other users who has differing opinions. This includes any forms of communication within groups or through iLINK’s private messaging platform.


You have the right to think and say what you like, as long as conversations follow the iLINK’s community guidelines. Even if a conversation turns bitter, please bear in mind the core essence of iLINK – Be Passionately Local. Be compassionate. Be respectful. We are here to build our local communities together!


Note: In iLINK, we have community moderators in place; if you have any questions (I.e Why your content was reported or removed), please do not hesitate to contact us at and refrain from posting in Chatterbox.


iLINK is a platform that does not encourage publicly shaming in the community. We encourage all members to communicate in a civil and respectful manner.


•    If you are concerned about a safety issue in your community and do not know the person involved or how to contact them, you may post about it. However, do remember to post in a civil and respectful manner.

•    If you suspect a house, vehicle, or individual engaging in illegal activity, you should call the police instead of posting on iLINK. 

•    If the person involved requests the post be removed, we will look into it and may or may not remove it.

•    If you are merely bothered or annoyed by another community member’s behavior, do not post about it. This is considered a personal dispute. Contact the person directly to work it out.

•    If a parent or guardian requests that a photo of a minor be removed from iLINK, we have the right choose whether to remove it.

Please note: Criticizing a service provider due to unpleasant interaction does not constitute to public shaming (even if a specific 

person is identified). As long as the post is civil, and accurately describes the person's experience but that does not include 

defamation or name calling.

See posting examples for this guideline.


iLINK is not a platform for resolving personal disputes and grievances in public. Kindly use our private messages function to work out any personal disputes. 

See posting examples for this guideline.

Users can use iLINK to express various ideas, institutions and practices. Such discussion can promote debate and greater understanding. To ensure all users within the community feel welcome and respected, hateful and negative discussions are not allowed on the iLINK platform. 


Organizations and people keen on promoting hatred against various groups are not allowed on iLINK. We trust that our community users will report this content to us via


Do not make any posts or comments that discriminate against, threaten, or insult anyone, based on race, color, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, disability etc.


Do not use derogatory terms or statements when referring to another’s race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, gender or sexuality. 


Note that you may be asked to edit your post to remove language if other members of the community deems offensive.


Any posted content that receives too many reports for derogatory remarks will be removed and that user may have his iLINK account suspended and/or banned.


People share content containing someone else's discontent for the purpose of raising awareness or educating others about it. In such situations, we expect users to clearly indicate their purpose, to help us better understand why the content was shared.



iLINK has zero tolerance against racial profiling. We strongly prohibit posts that suggest someone is suspicious because of their race or ethnicity. We are also against posts that may cause disturbances towards an entire race or ethnicity. Such messages are ineffective and cause negativities within the communities.

iLINK is a place where locals share their experiences and raise awareness about important local issues. When sharing ones experiences and issues revolving around violence and graphic images of public interest or concern, issues such as human rights abuses or acts of terrorism, should not be promoted and should only serve the purpose of raising awareness. Graphic images may be removed if the purpose of the sharing is for one’s sadistic pleasure or to celebrate or encourage violence.


We expect all users to post, and warn their audience on what they are about to see if it includes graphic violence.



iLINK restrict the display of nudity to respect all users cultural background or age. Posting of images of female breasts is only

allowed if they the nipple is not shown. Exceptions are those photos of women breastfeeding or showing breasts with post-mastectomy scarring are exceptions. Also, photographs of paintings, sculptures and other art forms that depicts nude figures 

are allowed. 


Photographs focusing on human genitals or fully exposed buttocks will be removed. 


Digitally created content containing nudity and sexual activity is not allowed, unless the content is posted for educational, humorous or satirical purposes. Explicit images of sexual intercourse are prohibited. Descriptions of sexual acts that go into vivid 

detail may also be removed.


We encourage all users to report those violation content via


All posts and comments promoting sexual violence or exploitation of sexual acts are not allowed on iLINK platform. This includes solicitation of sexual material or sexual contents involving minors, or threatening to share intimate images. 


Sexual services such as prostitution, escort services, sexual massages, pornographic films, etc. are not to be promoted on iLINK platform. Such content will be reported to the local police, when required. 


Photographs or videos depicting sexual violence and intimate images shared with the purpose of revenge or without permission from the people in the photos will be removed, to protect victims and survivors of sexual abuse.


iLINK is a platform meant to promote friendly discussion within a community. Posts that make other users feel offended or often with excessive punctuation, provocative language, judgmental accusations, or repetitive explanations are the types of posts that are discouraged. You are encouraged to post topics that are of concern to you and rally your community members to take action, but please do so without ranting.


See posting examples for this guideline.


Over-posting means repeatedly posting about the same topic or constantly promoting items for sale, in a way that annoy other users in your community. 


Over-posting may result in suspension of one's posting privileges, and or post removal. If someone is over-posting, you may report their content via


See posting examples for this guideline.


Frequently dominating conversations, not showing respect to others, or hijacking conversations to return to your issue is not acceptable on iLINK. Doing so may result in suspension of one’s posting privileges, and or post / comments removed.


For all conversations on iLINK, we encourage discussion on issues between users, provided that they are constructive, civil and help builds the local community. However, please refrain from using iLINK to voice out your views that is non-local and highly controversial. (Eg. politics and ethnicity related issues)


Any particular local topic that is deemed controversial and unwanted in the community, may result in the removal of your post. You can choose to have those discussions in a group instead.


We prohibit selling, soliciting, or offering of any illegal goods or services. ​If you believe that posts in your community violate this  guideline, please contact the relevant local authorities.

We also prohibit all purchase, sale, trade, or distribution of prescription drugs, marijuana, firearms (guns) or ammunition, alcohol, tobacco, adult products, etc. 


We prohibit pornography and regulated activities, such as prostitution and gambling.


Do not post private information without permission.



•    The content of private messages sent through iLINK

•    Non-public legal documents

•    Personal contact or account information, such as email addresses, credit cards, or bank information

•    A person’s legal or medical history, unless there is a compelling public interest served by doing so


Notable allowed exceptions:

•    Contact information when recommending someone’s services. However, if you post someone’s personal email addresses, phone number, or physical address and they request that it be removed, we may remove it.

•    Posting photos of people in public places is allowed. However, if a parent or guardian requests that a photo of a minor be removed from iLINK, we may remove it.

Our guidelines on public shaming also apply to the posting of information about other users. If another iLINK user is sending you abusive private messages via iLINK , please contact us via, so that we can take appropriate action.

iLINK’s Privacy Policy describes our corporate privacy and security practices.

See posting examples for this guideline.

Do not use profanity. Cursing is not necessary and may offend other users.

See posting examples for this guideline.


16) Fraud & Spam

Fraudulent content, phishing, or content we deem to be spam is not permitted.

On iLINK, we support local sharing economy and classified listings on property and marketplace. To avoid imposing your personal beliefs to the community, there is a set of Guidelines for all users to follow. 


¬    Local Events/ Market place / For Rent / Ride Share / Meal Share

The “Local Events” function is for people in the community to create events within the community, so that people in the community can find out the event’s details and RSVP to it. The “Marketplace” function is for individuals to buy/sell items, rent/borrow items, and request/offer services. The “For Rent” function is for individuals to post room for rent, or search for a roommate. The “Ride Share / Meal Share” function is for individuals to share a car ride or share a take-away. Within Marketplace /For Rent/Ride Share/Meal Share, there are also rules on what is and is not allowed on iLINK.



•    Buying and selling personal items

•    Renting and borrowing personal items

•    Individual owners in the community coverage area listing properties for rent or for sale

•    Realtors listing properties for rent or for sale

•    Individual users offering co-leasing. 

•    Individual users offering jobs, such as baby sitting, private tutoring, swimming couching, dog-walking, pluming, locksmith 

•    Individual users offering ride share

•    Individual users offering take away services

•    Pet adoption or re-homing is allowed (but selling of pets is not)


Not allowed:

•    Posting items for sale outside of “Marketplace”, or “For Rent”. If you post items for sale in a category other than “Marketplace” or “For Rent”, your post may be moved to the “Marketplace”, or “For Rent” section. If you repeatedly to do so, your posts may be removed entirely.

•    Business and merchant listing services

•    Listing items that you are selling for a business or as part of an incentive sales program or MLM program. For example Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway, Herbal Life, Diamond Water, H2O life source etc.

•    Any merchant including all O2O platforms listing food delivery services

•    Any merchant including all O2O platforms listing ride share services.

•    Pet sales. For animal welfare reasons, we do not allow the sale of animals. 

•    To report services that should not be allowed in Marketplace/For Rent/Ride Share/Meal Share sections, please contact our representatives via


Note: Our policies on over-posting and illegal or regulated goods also applies to Marketplace/ For Rent / Ride Share / Meal Share. 


¬    Fundraising

Fundraising posts should be limited to causes that are explicitly relevant to the local community. Do not use iLINK to promote fundraising for non-local causes or for people outside of the community. Guidelines on over-posting still applies.   



•    School fundraisers

•    Scouts organizations

•    Girl guide organizations

•    Religions organizations

•    Local health charity organizations

•    Local arts organizations

•    Local pet rescue

•    Local fundraising events (posted in the Local Event section only)

•    Local food banks, charity walk/run, etc.

•    Kids' bake sales, lemonade stands, and similar youth efforts


Not Allowed:

•    Raising money for non-local causes

•    Requesting money for one's own personal expenses or business needs


See posting examples for this guideline.


¬    Conflicts of interest

An enjoyable community is built by all passionately local’s efforts. Recommending local businesses and services you love is a wonderful thing to do on iLINK. However, it is important to uphold the integrity and transparency of your post, comments and reviews. It is to ensure the quality of recommendations on iLINK are authentic, top-notch, and truly local.


iLINK is actively working on solutions for local businesses to participate in the iLINK community. We encourage you to contact us via

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